Wild and Crazy Morning at Work

Yep, that’s what it has been at work today.  It started as soon as I got off the elevator, wild and crazy.  Yesteray we had a water pipe break in the office so needless to say we had some cleaning to do in the office.  Then when I get off the elevator I’m informed that the internet is down.  Now mind you, I am just a legal secretary but our office manager is out because he had surgery 2 weeks ago and apparently I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night so I can do anything.  So I was elected (don’t know how) to fix the internet.  In the process of trying to fix the internet, our server went down so no one could use the computers.  I’m thinking it is a sign that we should all go home, unfortunately none of my bosses thought the same way.  I eventually figured out how to get the internet and server working.  Two problem solved all before 9:30 and I only get to work at 8:30.  So with the pipe breaking, which is attached to our heating and cooling system, there is a terrible smell and the carpet has big orange spots in it from the chemicals.  After having ServiceMast come, they are going to rip up the carpets because the smell will not leave.  Thank goodness.

By the time 11:30 rolled around I was ready to hit the gym.  My circuit class was a killer today.  We did cardio, lower body and then upper body.  Found out I have a lot more strength in my lower body than my upper body.  You would think I would have a lot of upper body strength lifting all that food into my mouth, no such luck.

After the gym it was time for lunch:

Miss match of leftovers

I had leftover Irish Oatmeal Brulee from Saturday, pineapple and grapes and some pretzels.  I was needing some carbs and something sweet.  This hit the spot.

Now it is time to get back to work.  Hopefully my afternoon goes better than my morning.


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