Spin Class – Holy Moly!!!

So today at our circuit training class we did part of a spin class.  I don’t know how you guys do it that do spin classes all the time.  We only did 15 minutes worth and my legs were screaming.  I always thought I wanted to take a spin class, no any more.  Today fixed that.  Then it was on to a weight training class for the legs.  I’ll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow.  My legs were shaking by the time we were done.

So once I was done with class it was time for lunch:

Friday lunch

Yep it is the same thing as yesterday but since I didn’t take a photo yesterday I got one for you today.  Wait a minute, who put that donut next to my salad???  Yep it is Friday so I had to have a donut.  Well I only took 1/2 of a long john and yes I took a bite before I ate my salad.  So sue me I’m an adult and my mother wasn’t around to tell me not to eat my dessert first.

Close up of salad

In the salad is romaine lettuce, dried blueberries and cherries and a Morningstar Tomatoe and Basil Pizza Burger and a small amount of western dressing.  It’s all gone now because I finished up what was left in the bottle.

Now it is time to get back to work.

P.S. Did you play any April Fools jokes today?  I did on my boss.  I told him my husband got a job that is 2 hours away and that he starts in 3 weeks.  I was giving my notice that I would be done the end of May.  His face was priceless.  He was freaking out that I would be leaving.  Actually made me feel like he appreciates my work.  Guess I just fill honored about that.


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