Not a Good Night

But before I get to the bad night, I will back up to this afternoon.  I went to the gym again today.  Today I did interval training on the treadmill.  It consisted of the following:

  • Time – 0-5 minutes at 0 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time – 5-8 minutes at 2 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time – 8-10 minutes at 4 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time – 10-12 minutes at 6 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time – 12-13 minutes at 8 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time -13-15 minutes at 1 incline at a speed of 6.0
  • Time – 15-18 minutes at a 4 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time – 18-21 minutes at a 6 incline at a speed of 4.0
  • Time – 21 – 25 minutes at a 2 incline at a speed of 4.0

It was definitely a workout.  I was sweaty by the end and then it was back to work.  I was so hungry by the end of my workout that I forgot to take a picture.  I had a lettuce salad with dried fruit and a Morning Star burger and Western dressing.  About 3:00 I had a peach Chobani with granola for a snack. 

So when I got home, this is what we found:

Not the room we are remodeling This is our bedroom and this is not the basement that we are working on remodeling. Our 13 year old dog was locked in the bedroom while we were gone to work and school and this is what she did. We have no idea what is wrong with her. We are thinking maybe she has an infection in the area where shehad a spot removed 2 months ago. She keeps licking it and it is hard. I called the vet and we cannot get her in until Monday. Luckily we have some antibotics in the cupboard so we gave her one.Yep, she did it

So while Hubby and I were off getting Chickie from dance class.  Miss Molly (the one in the picture above) went to the basement and left a nice big mess on the carpet.  Yep, she has the runs.  Can the night get any worse???  Oh yes it can.  While we are cleaning up the mess on the carpet (yes we have a carpet cleaner so we are working like crazy to try and get it out before it stains the carpet) the other dog decides she is going to be sick.

Not feeling so well

Yep, she doesn’t feel the best.  She not only got sick once but three other times for a total of four times in four different areas of the house and 3 out of the 4 were on the carpet.  So my carpet is the quarter of the way cleaned with carpet cleaner thanks to do the dogs.  So needless to say I never got any supper.  So now it is off to eat a few Pop Chips, watch American Idol and have a nice cold drink.  Until tomorrow.


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