Kids vs. Dogs

Before we left today for school and work the kids played War!!

Who is going to have the higher card?

I have the higher card, ha, ha, ha!

I don’t understand how one minute they can be yelling and arguing with each other and then the next they are laughing and playing games together.  Who can figure them out.

So I hit the gym at noon for my circuit training class.  When I got done my glutes were on fire and my arms were like jello.  So when I got done with class I was starving.

Wednesday Lunch

I took 1/2 of a leftover pork tenderloin and heated it up with muenster cheese and put it on top of a toasted Thomas Cinnamon Raisan Bagel Thin and added a little ketchup on top.  Yum but notice it was lacking fruit or veggies.  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to eat the apple I brought because we are short handed at work and I only got 10 minutes to eat.  Love when there are so many people gone on vacation.

So since we are short at work and Hubby had to work late also, means we get to eat out for supper.  YEAH!!  So a local restaurant has their salads and sandwiches for $5.00 on Wednesday night.  Yep get to eat out plus it is cheap.  I’m there.

Olde Boston's

This restaurant is set up to have a pub feel to it.  Unfortunately I did not get pictures of the inside because I am new to blogging and Hubby isn’t used to it.  Plus he was not happy I was taking pictures of the food.  He will learn to adjust. 🙂


Appetizer (because the kiddos were starving and would melt away before the main meal arrived) Pile O Rings.  Yep, them are onion rings.  I had to have some because I didn’t get my veggies at noon so I was making up for what I missed out on. 🙂

Grilled Chicken Cesear Salad

I ordered the salad to eat in my extra veggies for the day.

Grilled Chicken Cabitta Sandwich with Mac and Cheese

Chickie ordered the grilled chicken cabitta sandwich with Mac and Cheese but decided she liked how my salad looked better.  So I got 5 bites of salad and 1/4 of her sandwich.  She ate the rest of the salad, all of the mac and cheese and 2 bites of the sandwich.  Not sure why I even order for myself anymore.  Sometimes I just feel like a garbage disposal, I only get what they put into me because it is never what I order.

So after our nice meal we come home to find this:

Who done it??

Yep, those are broken blinds in our bedroom.  Now since Gizzy is only 1 1/2 years old she is put in her kennel when we leave.  On the other hand, the dog that is 13 years old is put in the bedroom and the door closed.

It wasn't me.

Yep, she did it.  Of course she will never, ever admit to it she just looks the other way while you talk to her.  You would think at 13 years old she would know better.

So, if it isn’t the kids arguing or fighting with each other, it is the dogs getting into trouble.  Who knew I would be going kids vs. dogs.  I don’t think either of them are ever going to learn.

Well, now off to make a cake.  Bet you thought to fix a blind.  Nope, that’s hubby’s job.


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