It may not look pretty

Well days like today when it is cold and rainy outside, I just don’t want to go outside for lunch.

Yep, the parking lot is wet.  Of course, that isn’t my view at all.  I unfortunately have no windows, I’m in a cubicle.

So for lunch I always have something in my drawer for days just like this and when I was at Aldi’s a couple of weeks ago I came across some soup in a cup and thought I would pick it up to keep in my desk for days like today.  Unfortunately it isn’t pretty once you make it.

That would be Fit & Active Split Pea Soup.  I think it looks like baby barf but it does taste quite good.  Just so you know, looks can be deceiving.

Along with soup, I had some yogurt in the fridge.  I am absolutely in love with greek yogurt.  That is the only thing I buy anymore.  Luckily I had some granola in my drawer to put in the yogurt to add a little crunch to my meal.

Unfortunately, I used the last of it up.  Now I need to restock my desk drawer, it is empty.  😦

Well back to work I go.  Have a great afternoon.


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