Second week at the Gym

Yep, I decided to go back to the gym for a second week.  I am really not sore now from last week so we will see what punishment the trainer will bring.  This is what the class consisted of:

  • 8 sessions 60 seconds each on the spin bike;
  • Walking lunges x10
  • Toe touches x10
  • Weighted squats with overhead press for 30 sec x2
  • Then it was on to 6 different stations:
  • Back bull down;
  • Overhead pull;
  • Walking lunges;
  • Quad presses;
  • Chest fly; and
  • Shoulder press.
  • Then ab work.

By the time we got done my arms and glutes were on fire.

Monday Lunch

Lunch today was Romaine lettuce, dried cherries and blueberriees, grilled chicken and Athenos Roasted Garlic Hummus for dressing.  I was starving and this tested great.  The cherries and blueberries add sweetness to the meal which I always grave after a meal.

Then it was off to pick up the kiddos from school.

Bubba is always so happy to see me.

Chickie waiting because we are always late.

While I was waiting for the kiddos I had an apple.  The salad an noon just did not stick with me.

Hello Granny Smith

Off to finish up work and then to head home for the day.


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