Oh the Shame . . .

Last night I just could not fall asleep so it was midnight before I got to sleep.  The alarm went off at 5 this morning and surprisingly I jumped right out of bed.  I took the pups for a walk this morning and with all of the rain we had yesterday I had to put their Pawz Dog Boots on.  Of course they were not happy about it.

Oh the shame.

Do I have to put them on?

The pups do not like them but once they put them on they are fine with them.  I must tell you that I absolutely love these.  When I come back I don’t have to wash their paws at all.  It keeps the sand and mud out of their paws.  Normally this time of year when we get back from a walk I have to wash their paws in a bucket of water and they hate that.  When I come back now all I have to do is slip the boots off and into the house we go.  It is great.

When we walked outside this morning this is what we saw in the front yard.

Yep, those are deer in our front yard.  There were 3 of them and they just stood there and looked at us.  Of course at 5:30 it is still dark outside.  Sorry that the picture is blurry but I could not figure out the camera to get a good picture of the deer and the pups kept moving.

When we got back and I got ready for work, it was then time to wake the kiddos up:

Time to get up Bubba!!!

Chickie just will not get up!!


In the mix this morning was Fage greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries, Quaker Oatmeal Squares and these

Yep, it is Gerber Graduates Puffs.  They are quite good and not very many calories so I thought I would give them a try.

Here is a side view of my breakfast.  It is delcious.  I love this combination.  Don’t you like the Easter bowl and table cloth.  I found them at Wal-Mart.  I did my decorating for Easter this weekend.  I think they are so cute.

Well now it is time to head off to work and get the kids off to school.  Have a great day!!

PS: the Shoes Page has been updated.


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