Wall applications

Since we woke up late and I got busy doing the shadow box, I just really wasn’t that hungry so I had a couple of handles of these.=:

Sweet and Salty - the best combination ever

Not the best lunch so I will defintely need to do better the rest of the day.

So since we got our bedroom and bathroom painted I have a couple of walls that are empty.

I found these wall applications at Hobby Lobby.  So Mr. T and I got to work putting up the wall applications.

Mr. T held while I decided if I liked where it was at.

Then he measured from the ceiling to make sure we had the correct height all the way across.

I finished it off by rubbing it onto the wall, while Gizzy was my supervisor to make sure I did it correctly.  It was the same process in the bathroom.  The finished projects:

It says, Goodnight my Love, goodnight my everything.  I trust you it is not crooked.  It is just how I was holding my camera.

Now it is off to run some errands.  I have another project this afternoon and I need a small table to move things.


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