Friday is Donut Day

This morning I didn’t even here the alarm go off so I was a little late taking the pups for a walk which in turn meant that we got chased by a dog.  Apparently if I walk with the pups after 6:00 there is a dog that comes out of no where and chases us.  Needless to say it got my heart a pumping.  Of course little Gizzy was going to take him down no matter how big he was – he was only 3 times bigger than her.

Outfit today:

FYI Finally got the mirror cleaned.

Jeans – Younkers

Sweater – Younkers

Tank – Target

Necklace – gift from my in-laws that they brought back from Hawaii

Watch – Fossil

Bracelet – Lia Sofia

Shoes – Kohl’s (Mootsies Tootsies)

Since I was running late, I didn’t eat breakfast at home but the good thing is it is Friday and that means donuts in the office.  I cannot resist them no matter how hard I try and by the time I got to the office I was starving.

Creamed filled donut with a side of coffee

So I went to the gym class again today.  Third time this week – YEAH. Except now my arms are like J-E-L-L-O.  Holy cow he worked the arms today.  I have no upper body strength whatsoever.  I thought I always wanted to take a spinning class, not after today.  He had us do 3 sets on a spin bike.  I was dying after 2.  I don’t think I will be doing a spinning class until I am in much, much better shape.

After class I really wasn’t hungry so it took about an hour before I was ready to eat.  Lunch today was:

The good ole standbye.  I am absolutely in love with the flatout bread.  Today I put in grilled chicken slices, romaine lettuce and some western dressing.  Plus a side of red grapes.  Need to get me some more red grapes.  I love these.

So it was rush home from work and took the pups for a walk and then off to get this for supper:

Yep, beerand pizza.  The pizza has mushrooms and roasted red peppers.  Off to enjoy this and spend some time with Mr. T.  He had a rough day at work.  Until the flip side.


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