Another day at the gym

So this morning I was actually able to get out of bed to take the pups for a walk.  Here is me trying to get the Pawz boots on Gizzy.

She absolutely hates them.  But it was 30° out and I knew the ground would be wet and we still have sand in the streets from winter and I didn’t feel like washing their feet when I got back.  As you can tell I was way over dressed for 30°.  Should have checked the temp before I left.

Must work on lighting and turning the pictures

Outfit today is:

Pink sweater – Christopher & Banks

White tank – Target

Striped pants – JC Penny

Gold necklace – Lia Sofia

Boots – Payless Shoes

Since the kiddos are gone, I did sleep in this morning and I didn’t get moving as fast as I should have so I had to gobble down breakfast and fly out the door.

Breakfast consisted of a Eggo Nutrigrain Waffle, with peanut butter and bananas with a side of coffe.  This is the peanut butter I used.

It is absolutely fanatastic and I finished off the jar this morning. 😦  Which also means oats in a jar for tomorrow’s breakfast. 🙂  Will defintely have to get more though.

After my thought and deliberation (of do I want to torture myself again) I did go to the gym class today.  This is my second class this week.  Of course my legs are still really, really sore.  Once I got going at the gym my legs weren’t sore at all.  Of course today he worked the core and the upper arms.  So tomorrow I probably won’t even be able to breathe without it hurting.

When I got back I was famished and I almost forgot to take a picture of my lunch.

It was the same as yesterday but instead of a Boca Burger I used a Morningstar Tomato and Basil burger.  It was my first time trying the tomato and basil and it was delicious, as you can see by the picture.  I used the same bread with a slice of cheese and lettuce but no bbq sauce today.  I also had a side of red grapes.

By 2:30 I was hungry again, imagine that.  Apparently the class got my appetite going.  So I had Yoplait White Cholate Strawberry Yogurt with granola.  Yum, yum. 

After work Mr. T wanted to get some wood for the basement since it was on sale.  So it was a mad dash home, change clothes and off to the lumber yard.  We had to get the treated wood for the base boards.  Now I must find something to eat because I’m starving.

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I am going to take treats to work.  So I am off to make Sweet Tooth Sweet Life’s Cocolate Chipp Cookie Cups with Almond Buttercream Frosting.  Hopefully they turn out and look as good as hers.  Have a great night


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  1. It is handy to have treadmill access, this time of year weather can be iffy!


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