Stairs are not my friend.

This morning I woke up to take the pups out for their daily walk.  Unfortunately, I could not move without my legs screaming at me.  I am so sore from my exercise class yesterday.  I have to do a full 5 minutes of stretching of my legs before I could even get out of bed.  I have never, ever hurt as bad as I do this morning.  I walk funny, I just want to sit and not do anything hoping that it will go away.  Eventually I get out of bed and make my way into the shower. 

Outfit for today:

Purple Sweater – Arizona

Tan Skirt – Younkers

Shoes – I took from my mom.  She didn’t like them so i thought I would use them.  They work great for me.

Breakfast this morning consisted of a smoothie and coffee.

In the smoothie was 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 T flax seed, 1 small banana, 1 cup milk and ice cubes.  It was delicious.

So this morning I finished packing up the kiddos for the next 5 days.  The would be gone before I get home from work so I asked them to let me take a picture to have while they were gone.  This is what I got.

Got to love the Chickie

Bubba, you dealt it so you smelt it.

So as we are leaving for school/work, it is hard for me to get into the vehicle because of my sore, sore legs.  Chickie informs me that they could get me a wheelchair and then call the DART bus to come get me and make sure it has the wheelchair lift so that I won’t have to get out of the wheelchair to get in the bus.  Thanks Chickie, I’m not that old yet.

As the title of my blog states, Stairs are not my friend.  As I said yesterday I am on another floor from the rest of my work.  So I have to continually take stairs.  My legs screamed and cried everytime I went up and down the stairs.  I thought by the end of the day they would loosen up but they just did not get any better.

So as I was driving home for lunch today I thought about what I was going to have since I hadn’t really prepared anything.  Before I started this blog it would have been chips, candy, whatever was quick and junk food to eat.  Instead I came home and made this:

That wold be a flat bread with a Boca burger, cheese, lettuce and bbq sauce and a side of grapes.  Yes, I can hardly believe it but I was craving grapes.  Who knew that I would actually crave and want grapes without making myself eat them.  The flat bread I used is this:

This Flatout Bread I found at the grocery store a couple weeks ago.  It is only 100 calories for the 1 whole piece and it is delicious.  It is my new bread.

So after work Mr. T and I had some errands to run.  I needed to find some shadow boxes for a project I am going to do.  We have Mr. T’s grandfather’s stripes from when he was in the military in WWII and I am going to put them in a shadow box with some pictures.  I also have Mr. T’s grandmother’s letter and stripes from when she was in basketball so I am going to put them with pictures in a shadow box as well.  When I am done with the project I will show you the fisnished result.

So since we ran errands right after work we went for Chinese at Hy-Vee.  This is what my plate looked like:

On the plate is cashew chicken, sweet and sour chicken, egg roll, rice and a ragon.  Unfortunately it didn’t taste very good so I only ended up eating about 1/4 of it.  Hopefully this means my tastet for healthier food is starting to develop and I can start losing weight.  Well I must go stretch and back for the gym tomorrow (if I make it).  Actually I am going to dedicate 2 straight weeks going to classes 3 times per week and see how it goes.  Until then, have a good night.


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