Holy Quads and Glutes.

This moving your clock one hour ahead is a killer.  It took me forever to get out bed.  I just wanted to sleep.  I was running late so it was a short walk for the pups this morning.  When we got back, Gizzy just wanted to play.

It is hard to tell but that is a beat up Kozy Shack Tapioca container.  I have found that empty butter dishes and cool whip containers are the best toys for her, that any kind of empty box, it just doesn’t last long in our house.  If it’s on the floor, it’s hers.

Out fit this morning

Corduroy jeans – can’t remember where I got them

Sweater – Younkers

Watch – Fossil

Sidenote:  The mirror needs cleaned and you can see the color of the bedroom walls that we got painted.  The color is cappucino.

Boots – can’t remember where I got them either.

Breakfast this morning was the same as yesterday, since it was so good yesterday, with the addition of cinnamon toast with almond butter.  Delicious.

The kiddos were cooperative this morning, which is very rare, so they were ready really early for school so they sat down and played a game of solitare.

Yep, no computer here.  They are using the good old fashioned cards.  Their grandmother taught them how to play so they are just loving it.  They are still trying to get the hang of it but I least it is not completely all computer time for them.

So when I started this blog part of it was to keep track how much food I eat plus I wanted to start exercising more.  I only take the pups for a walk in the morning with the intention of doing my exercise in the evening.  Well, as you can tell it hasn’t been happening.  So I decided to try out a gym.  I was a member to a gym 2 years ago but I wasn’t impressed with it.  First of all, there wasn’t any classes offered and no one was there to ask how to use the equipment or to give you a training schedule.  So today I have tried out a different gym.  I went to a class that was basically a combination of cardio and strength training.  Holy cow, I am sooooo out of shape.  My glutes, quads and thighs were all screaming during and after the work out.  The bad part is our office has 2 floors and I am on the 2nd floor and everything else is on the main floor so I have 2 flight of stairs I take continually.  I was ready to cry by the end of the day.

I was starving when I got back from the gym so I almost didn’t take a picture of lunch.

Lunch was leftover pasta with chunks of grilled chicken and mushroom cut up.  It was delicious.

Once again, Mr. T came to the rescue for supper.

Scalloped potates and ham with a side of steamed peas.  Delicious.

Well I have the kiddos packed to leave for grandma’s tomorrow.  I do believe I need to go do some yoga to stretch out my thighs and quads and then maybe even a soak in the tub to calm these muscles down.  After that the finale of the Bachelor.  Have a good night.


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