Home and Garden Show . . .

Happy Saturday, we slept in until 6:30 this morning, which was nice.  We took the pups for a good long walk this morning.

Are you ready yet mom?

The plus of going an hour later is that I actually got to see the sunrise while out walking.

It looks like it could be cloudy but they say it is supposed to be sunny and windy and boy was it cold and windy this morning.

Once we got back it was time to feed the pups and the cat.

The only thing is Lurch doesn’t like me so the only time she will let me near her is to feed her on Saturday is because I give her canned cat food otherwise the rest of the time it is dry cat food.  Luch is Chickie’s cat so she really only like her.  As you can see from the above photo, she hangs out in our back storage room and it looks like it definitely needs to be cleaned.  I guess that needs to be put on the project list.

Outfit today is:

Green Coat – Columbia

Blue Shirt – Old Navy

Jeans – St. John’s Bay

Gold Necklace – Gift from Kiddos for Mother’s Day.

Shoes – A shape-up brand from Payless Shoes.  We are doing errands this morning so I needed some comfy shoes for walking.  So we decided it would be good to go out for breakfast since we had errands to run this morning.  We ended up going to Village Inn.

The kiddos absolutely love their breakfasts.  I had their fruit and yogurt parfait and Chickie’s eggs and toast from her breakfast plus 3 bites of french toast from Bubba’s breakfast.  The Kiddos were starving so they were wolfing down their food.

My breakfast

Bubba was starving, he couldn't eat fast enough

Chickie turned long enough for me to snap a picture.

Mr. T ate too fast for me to snap a picture of him eating breakfast and when I tried I got the evil eye.  Maybe next time.  After breakfast it was off to the local Home and Garden Show.  We needed to get some ideas for landscaping since there isn’t much at our new home plus who doesn’t like to get a bunch of free stuff?

This fountain would be so neat in our backyard. Now to talk Mr. T into it.

Bubba found the grill he wants in our backyard - keep dreaming.

Chickie found reading material. Got to learn about the plants.

After a quick stop at Menards, we are home.  Need to paint the walls in our bedroom and do a little cleaning.


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