M&Ms got me again…

Yep, another hour at the front desk means another couple handful of M&Ms.  Thankfully they will be gone on Monday so no M&Ms at the front desk.

Since I had a donut this morning and a late lunch wasn’t hungry until supper.  Of course, Mr. T came through again and he made:

A closer look:

Yep that’s shrimp on pasta.  Mr. T cooked the shrimp in olive oil and fresh garlic and then he combined them with the pasta.  Yum, yum.  It is the kiddos favoite dish and I don’t think it is half bad myself.

For dessert:

Ice cream with carmel sauce.  Yum, yum.  Someone else thought that she should have some:

Please mom, just a little taste

None for Gizzy.  Even though she begged and beggeed for it.  Now it is time to watch the news.  I cannot believe the devastation in Japan.  My heart and prayers goes out to them and thankfully the United States has come through without major devastation. 

Once the news is over, then it is off to Wal-Mart with the fam, need to get some shopping done.


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