Election Tuesday

Don’t forget to vote on today.  As an American it is your given right to do this.  For me, I feel as if I don’t vote, everyone that fought so hard for us enabling us this right is just thrown back in their faces.  So many lives were lost so we could have this right.  Please, as American, do your duty.

Image: (From left) President Obama & Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak at campaign events on Monday (© Carolyn Kaster/AP; David Goldman/AP)

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May you have a Safe and Happy Halloween.  I am feeling sad as both of my kids have given up on trick or treating.  I really enjoyed finding their customs and dressing them up.  I was the lucky one though and stayed home every other year while Hubby took them out trick or treating and I always ended up with the warmer years than he did.  Enjoy the time you have with our little ones because they grow up way too fast.

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Runner’s World from the cover to the streets

Runner’s World from the cover to the streets!
Runner’s World from the cover to the streets

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Support Your Girls (In more ways than one)

Support your girls!!!!
Support Your Girls (In more ways than one)

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Hello? Hello? Hello?

USA, Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park, Posters

Yes, I have been gone and yes that is a picture of a canyon.  Think of yourself of saying  and it just keeps echoing, echoing and echoing because nothing has been happening with the blog.  I have taken a break to decide in which direction, if any, I want this blog to go.  I am getting close to my decision and will let you know very shortly on what I will do.

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The Gunnar Challenge

This was in my inbox yesterday:

Congrats! You won a free pass to the Gunnar Challenge.

Thanks to Modern Mom, I won a free pass for the 8 week challenge.

Yep, I am going to do The Gunnar Challenge.
Gunnar is a trainer to the stars and he has come up with an 8 week challenge in which he e-mails you a menu plan each week which includes a grocery list plus a daily workout schedule which you can choose for either the gym or at-home workouts.  So I am going to take this challenge and see where I end up in 8 weeks.  Wish me luck.

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Will I be ready?

So 1 week from this Saturday I am to run my first ever 5K race.  As you remember one of the things I put on my New Years Resolution list is to run a 5K by the time I turn 40 (which is in June).  Well last Friday at work, I did this:

One big bump

We were taking apart the partitions at work and one of them had a shelving unit in it and it was top heavy and it dropped on my foot.

Big Bruise

It is a good thing that I had a tennis shoe on instead of my dress shoes that I normally wear at work.  Who knew working in a law office could be so dangerous?  So I went and had it x-rayed.  Luckily nothing is broken and they gave me this lovely post-op shoe to wear to keep from flexing it.   I came home and iced it, elevated and kept the compression shoe on it.  Which helped bring the swelling down.  By Saturday morning the swelling was done to 1/2 of what it was on Friday.  So I haven’t run at all since Friday.  I do believe that I will try and run tomorrow.  Any runners out there have an opinion?  The swelling is almost gone, now the bruising is the lovely yellow/blue color and it only hurts a little bit.  In fact, I got away with wearing a kitten heel to work today.

So since I was not able to do much over the weekend Hubby and the kiddos worked on this:

They worked on getting the walls up for the shed.  Yep, it was wet but they actually got all 4 walls up and I haven’t even taken a picture.  Bad, bad person.  So the last few nights I have worked on painting the basement walls.  As you recall, last year we took it from one big room into 3 separate rooms.  The family room is the last one to be painted.  I’ve had a terrible time trying to figure out  color but Hubby has decided he hates the white so I had to get it painted.  Hopefully it will be done by the weekend and I can show you the finished project.

So is there anything stupid you have done that caused you to drop out of a race before?

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Hand Sanitizer and Facebook

Have you heard the latest?

Kids are using hand sanitzer to get drunk.  Yes, you read that correctly, hand sanitizer.  I cannot believe it.  They are actually drinking it or sniffing it.  What are they thinking?  What would cause anyone to think about using hand sanitizer.  Having a 13 year old and an 11 year old and hearing this my heart just fell to my feet.  It scares me to death.  What in the world will the kids think of next.  Anyone can go by hand sanitizer.  In fact, my daughter has a small bottle clipped to her school id.  What is this world coming to?

Now on to facebook:


Did you see this picture that a mother posted to facebook of her daughter?  Her daughter mouthed back to her in front of the daughter’s friends.  Do you think this is acceptable?  As a parent, I think there are better ways to parent rather than to humilate your children in the social media network.  Growing up is hard enought without your parents adding to your insecurities of growing up.  What would you do as a parent?

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Week 8 – The Final Week


It is hard to believe but this is Week 8, the final week of bootcamp.

What have I learned, I am stronger than I thought.  I am falling in love with weight lifting plus I have actually gotten stronger with my running and I am able to go further thanks to the speed workouts from bootcamp.  I must say if you ever get a chance to do a bootcamp, take full advantage of it.  It is worth your time, sweat and effort.  You will love yourself more for it.

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Not your Grandma’s Shoes

Do you remember the brand Naturalizer?

This is a shoe brand that my grandmother always wore when I was a kid.  She wore them because she said they were comfortable.  I always thought they were ugly and they never really matched her outfit.  They were lace up shoes that were pretty plain.

Well Naturalizer has changed.

Naturalizer Lulianna Sandal(Source)

I love these shoes.  Who knew Naturalizers had such great shoes and if they are as comfortable as my grandmother said they were many years ago, I think I have found a new shoe brand that I want to try.

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